End-of-Life Issue in Me Before You

I just finished reading JoJo Moyes’ bestselling novel Me Before You, which was also recently made into a movie. I won’t give the plot away so in a nutshell, it is about a young man who becomes a quadriplegic, and the young woman that is hired as a caretaker for him. The book delves into the question about whether or not someone like the main character (“Will”) can, with the aid of a physician, end his or her own life when they have a terminal condition or, in the case of Will, cannot live life without constant pain, 24-hour care, and in the same manner in which he lived before. Will was a powerful businessman, as well as a world traveler, bit of a daredevil (skydiving, mountain climbing), and ladies’ man, and was very unhappy in his life as it had become. The book was well done in my opinion and it does raise the awareness of this end-of-life issue that is brewing in this country.

What do you think?